Monday, June 08, 2009

PAS delegates slam unity gov't idea

Malaysiakini reports:

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s unity government with Umno concept received more criticisms today when party delegates continued to slam the proposal of a unity government in the final day of the PAS 55th Muktamar in Shah Alam.

Shah Alam lawmaker and Selangor delegate Khalid Samad (right) told the delegates that “it is very important for us to know our enemies or foes so that we would not be cheated by these people claiming they want to be peaceful with us”.

“Do not even mention about forming a unity government or holding talks with Umno as both parties have very little in common.”

Khalid said this when debating the motion on the setting up of a royal commission to investigate the Perak power grab which was engineered by Umno.

“Such a commission is vital to unmask all the Umno and BN wrongdoings in Perak. They had seized the state government which was lawfully elected by the people,” he said, adding that he gave his full backing to the motion.

Khalid also stressed that even though Umno embraces the same religion and race with PAS, they “did not care about us when they seized the lawful state government in Perak”.

“So don’t you mention beautiful words like unity, or making peace, because this will only lead to a split in our cooperation with (Pakatan Rakyat),” he said.

“With this, I urge you all to give full support to this motion so that we could build a strong platform when they (Umno) are on a decline,” said Khalid, drawing strong cheers from the delegates.

The motion, which was proposed by Tambun delegate Dr Khairuddin Malek, stated that a royal commission is necessary to investigate “the criminal acts to topple the previous Perak state government”.

It was passed unanimously by the muktamar.

No one wants to cooperate with Umno

In another fiery speech in debating the motion, Youth central committee delegate Zulkifli Ahmad believed that “no one wants to cooperate with Umno and compromise with them”.

“We must be steadfast in our struggle to defend Islam. I have learnt that there are some leaders who had held talks with Umno in regards to forming a unity government.

“But this is not the term that we should use. The term of talks we are looking at here is to instead attract them to join us rather than we joining them,” he said.

Zulkifli argued that the talk of unity government is akin to 'munafik' or hypocritical.

Meanwhile, Rantau Panjang parliamentarian and a delegate from the Muslimat wing, Siti Zailah Mohd Yusof, said she had faith in PAS, stressing that the party “could stand strong without Umno”.

“We don’t need to be a slave to Umno. All we have to do now is to strengthen Pakatan and choose the best leadership there is,” said Siti Zailah in her winding-up speech.

Meanwhile, PAS supporters club deputy president Vincent Lee (right) expressed concern over the “secret talks” held between PAS and Umno.

“It has indeed worried the non-Muslim community who support PAS. They have been wondering whether the party would leave them behind when they have made Umno their best friends.

“Please don’t do something that could tarnish our image and go back to the old ways by isolating the non-Muslims from the party.

"What is the meaning of our support to PAS if the party deviates from its original struggle?” said Lee to boisterous cheers from the crowd.

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